Bay Thoroughbred

Bay Thoroughbred
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Monday, 12 April 2010

What is Digital Painting?

Digital painting, or "digital colouring", is a fairly new way of expressing fine art and creating personal portraits. As with every great portraiture, the process starts using a reference photo. However, contrary to popular belief, there is no part of the photograph in the image.
The paintings are made using a computerized, or digital, tablet, that is connected to the computer screen. Using a specifically designed "pen", the tablet is drawn on much like a canvas would be, except the image appears on the computer screen, not the tablet itself.

Just one of the many advantages of using this medium is it enables the artist greater flexibility, a much wider margin for change and alterations during the painting process, giving the final piece a graphic "feel", while still maintaining the traditional look.

The finished artworks are fully customizable and are printed on either heavy-duty canvas, stretched across a wooden frame, or printed on heavy matte card stock and framed. They are original, hand painted, signed designs.

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